This goofball can tell you.

A ChronicBabe is a young woman (or an older woman who’s young at heart) who strives to live a kick-ass life in spite of chronic illness.

She’s not afraid to state her mind and make her voice heard. (And she knows that we’re stronger in numbers, so she’s connected to other women in her shoes.)

She’s curious and eager to learn. (She does her homework, and she shares her best findings with her community.)

A ChronicBabe knows that sometimes it’s just as important to rock a cute manicure as it is to have her pills organized properly. (And if she’s on a tight budget, she keeps it fun by hosting mani pedi parties at her apartment.)

She’s strong in the face of adversity. (And when she feels weak, she knows it’s OK to cry and to lean on friends and to get vulnerable.)

She isn’t afraid to have difficult conversations if it means she will get what she wants and needs. (She always makes an effort to respect others even if she disagrees.)

A ChronicBabe builds respectful, strong relationships with her healthcare providers and helps keep them operating like a well-organized team. (And she’s not afraid to fire a doctor who doesn’t treat her with respect.)

She understands that acceptance of chronic illness isn’t giving up, or giving in–it’s taking charge and owning her situation. (Including her ability to thrive in spite of being sick.)

She’s active in politics and her community because she knows that she plays a role in shaping the system that impacts us all. (She’s not shy about her opinions…and she puts her money where her mouth is whenever she can.)

A ChronicBabe knows that even when she feels awful, she can still find within herself a sense of hope, and joy, and enthusiasm. (She may need help with that sometimes, so she’s got a team programmed into her speed dial.)

Most of all: Anyone can be a ChronicBabe. I’m a ChronicBabe. You’re a ChronicBabe. If you care about living awesomely in spite of illness, then YOU ARE A CHRONICBABE. You’re in the right place. And I’m thrilled to help you become even better than ever. Yes!

XO, Jenni