everything i’ve created in ChronicBabe is for you. i started this project 15 years ago, aiming to make the resources i needed when *i* was first diagnosed at the age of 25… and it has morphed over the years into a big media project! 

one way i keep my work afloat (it does NOT pay much to be a patient advocate, lemme tell you) is by running a paid membership program. i know not all of my audience can afford it, but the money i make through that program allows me to create ALL the other content i offer, from the blog to youtube to facebook to my book to speaking at conferences to legislative advocacy to… all of it!

5-minute survey about chronicbabe membership programs from Jenni Grover on Vimeo.

I could use your help! Here’s the survey link

so i need to keep my work FRESH so you love it, and so i stay invigorated. 

to be honest, i’ve felt a little burned out lately. this work is emotionally heavy at times, and it’s been a heck of a year here at ChronicBabe HQ! and while i know that you are craving more, i feel a little creatively challenged right now.

so i’m asking you to spare me 5 minutes of time and take my survey. you’ll get to weigh in on what you think would make an amazing membership program, and be honest with me about what doesn’t work for you.

and everyone who responds will get a discount code to use in my etsy shop!

if you’d like to help (and again, i REALLY appreciate your help!), please head here to take the survey.