This week we asked: “What is your favorite thing a friend or family member has done for you when you’re flaring?”

Here are some of our favorite answers. Read and re-read when you’re feeling down.


Keidra says she’s had numerous friends walk her home when her vision is bad and install lights in her hallway and on her stairs to help her see.

When Fran was in the second acute phase of her Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and couldn’t move or see, her friend brought her a huge shopping bag full of books on tape so she would have something to do.

Michelle’s 70-year-old supermom came and helped for the 3 months of recovery Michelle spent after a nasty car accident.

Lindsay’s roommate and boyfriend threw her a mini party with cookies and party blowers when she had to go through an injection medication process that she hated.

Tania’s friend cleans and de-cluttered her room for her as a surprise when she was at the doctor.

Patricia’s mother moved to live with her daughter and help at home!

When Mary Beth was embarrassed of her chipping toe nails at the hospital, her husband gave her a pedicure.

Alix’s friend from across the US sent her flowers when she was in her first overnight hospital stay.


We are surrounded by such love! Being a ChronicBabe can be tough, but having loving family and friends makes all the difference.