Today’s AWAP Wednesday video is all about taking baby steps, those first little moves toward a goal. For many of us, making changes to accommodate chronic illness can feel overwhelming or downright impossible… but breaking the goal into baby steps can really help!

Watch today’s video, in which I share some of my favorite techniques for taking baby steps:

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(Rough) transcript:

Spiders. They freak me out. So I’m watching Charlotte’s Web. It’s my baby step toward conquering my fear. But enough about me… today, I’m talkin’ baby steps for you, babe.

Hi! I’m Jenni Prokopy of and today is AWAP Wednesday (that stands for As Well As Possible).

Each week, I offer you my favorite tips and techniques to help you craft an incredible life beyond illness. Yes! I know you can.

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On Baby Steps:

Quite often, when I talk with someone with chronic illness who wants to make a change, they feel overwhelmed by the enormity of it, or they’re scared.

I recommend taking baby steps toward their goal. But some folks have a hard time figuring out what baby steps look like for them, so today, I’ve got a technique to teach you that really helps me.

Fear Can Stop Us.

Let’s say your doctor says it would help you to exercise more, but you’re afraid that getting back to the swimming pool is going to flare you up. That fear keeps you from even trying, right? (I’ve totally been there, so no judgment!)

How can we begin to use that fear to propel us to try swimming again? If you’re scared to try something, sometimes diving in headfirst is not a possibility.

Instead I like to walk it back.

Walk it Back.

In this example, I want us to go back to the very first step of the process of getting back into swimming. I think it’s buying a new bathing suit. If you can start by getting yourself a cute new suit that fits great, and hang it on your closet door so you see it each day, that’s a great start.

Maybe you prefer to start with finding the best pool for you; that’s fine—do a Google search for pools in your area, or ask your friends or your health care providers for recommendations. Taking that first step to find a place to get your swim on is a fab first step.

Perhaps you’ve got all your equipment and you’ve secured membership at a local pool. Awesome! For you, walk it back to walking in the door of the pool. That’s it! Start by getting yourself to that pool and simply looking at the cool, blue water. Looks nice, right? Terrific—that’s a great first step for you.

Baby Steps Are Different For Everyone.

What looks like a baby step for me, is not a baby step for you.

I might think that a baby step toward taking better of my skin is doing a home from a recipe I found on Pinterest and look up recipes for a home mask . You might think a baby step is to see a dermatologist. Another person might feel like a baby step is remembering to remove her mascara before bed every night.

Don’t let anyone tell you what YOUR baby steps look like.

You just take whatever first step feels right for you, babe.

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