What is a ChronicBabe?
A ChronicBabe is a woman living with a chronic health condition or illness. The emphasis on living is important: When we think of ourselves as “suffering with” or “afflicted by” a chronic condition, we start to adopt the mentality of a victim, something ChronicBabes just don’t buy into.


What’s the difference between a chronic illness, a chronic disease and a chronic health condition?
For some, the difference is significant: many women who live with chronic health issues prefer not to label them as illnesses or diseases, instead calling them health conditions and removing some of the stigma of being “ill.” Others find the distinction to be simply one of semantics. Some believe that potentially fatal conditions should be labeled as “illness” or “disease,” while issues that are persistent but not fatal are health “conditions.”

Every woman has the right to choose the language she uses to describe herself, and we embrace the use of each term, or any other darn thing you want to call your health issues. We’re pretty open-minded.

What are some examples of chronic health conditions?
There are hundreds of chronic health conditions. These include things you’re used to seeing in the news, like diabetes, AIDS, arthritis and asthma, to name just a few. But they also encompass conditions that aren’t as easily diagnosed or labeled, like autoimmune disease, eating disorders, mental illness, reproductive issues and alcoholism. A chronic condition may loom large, affecting every aspect of a woman’s life, or it may be something relatively small and easily manageable. If you’ve got it and it’s sticking with you, it’s chronic.


Why ChronicBabe.com?
Jenni, the Editrix, is a ChronicBabe. After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, asthma, anxiety and Raynaud’s phenomenon in her mid-20s, Jenni experienced a void in resources for herself and others in her situation: women coping with chronic conditions just as their adult lives were really getting started. She started this site to create a community for younger women who want to live full lives—women who know that even though they’re Chronic, they’re still Babes!

Make no mistake: we think any woman, at any age, can be a Babe. But this site caters to the younger Babes because there just isn’t a lot of good information available on how to be young, wild, creative, sexy and daring while managing a complicated health regimen. The challenges for younger women are unique, and we deserve a resource all our own.

How does ChronicBabe.com serve its community?
Jenni created the site so ChronicBabes can talk about their issues and share creative ideas to do more than simply cope. We want women to excel! We welcome contributions, from ChronicBabes first and foremost, who can offer personal experience when it comes to living life out loud. But we also want to hear from the folks who know ChronicBabes: spouses and lovers, co-workers and caregivers, friends and family—the people who make up a ChronicBabe’s world. And we love to hear from members of the health care community who can offer advice, support and creative approaches to healthful living.

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Can I contribute to the site?
Yes! We need ChronicBabes to write articles on their personal experiences, to review publications and other resources, to interview experts, to share photography and other visual expressions, and to be cheerleaders. If you’re interested in becoming a contributor or staff member, contact Jenni today.

How often is ChronicBabe.com updated?
As often as we darn well please. Sometimes that will be every day, but sometimes we might lag—that’s the deal with grassroots online communities. Sometimes we are bursting with ideas and energy, but sometimes we just need to chill.

I’d like to register for e-mail updates, but I hate spam. Do you sell your member e-mail list?
Nope. We will not sell our member e-mail list to anyone. We hate spam too!


Is the site endorsed by any health-related organizations or associations?
Lots of organizations, medical facilities and health care practitioners are big fans of ChronicBabe.com, but we aren’t affiliated with any other organization. This project is produced by Jenni Prokopy with help from a handful of other individuals. Of course, as we continue to grow, we’re open to the prospect of partnering with groups that help ChronicBabes.

Can I trust the information on this site as much as I trust my health care providers?
We do our best to provide accurate information, but this site is not meant as a substitute for professional medical care, diagnosis or treatment. We share opinions and news from a variety of sources, and what works for one person may not work for someone else. Please consult your health care provider before embarking on any new treatment. If you want to try something you read about, you may want to print out the article and share it with your physician first. Team ChronicBabe assumes no liability or responsibility for errors or omissions, or for actions our readers take in response to information posted.

Jenni Prokopy, founder of ChronicBabe, is a health writer at heart. Does she write for any other companies or projects?
Yes! ChronicBabe.com’s founder and Editrix is an award-winning freelance writer specializing in health care topics. She offers writing, editing and communications consulting services to many organizations and publications, in addition to her work on ChronicBabe projects. She also provides social media training and consulting. You can learn more about her successes and exploits here.


Can I hire Jenni Prokopy to speak at an event?
Oh, yea! Jenni loves speaking to groups about her experience as a ChronicBabe, and about the many issues that impact young women living with chronic illness. She can tailor a presentation to fit your specific audience. Contact her today for more details.