This summer, we’ve been hosting Questions Of The Week (QOTW) on our Facebook page, and it’s been great to see what our community is into! Last week, we asked: what’s your favorite comfort food? Here are some of your responses:

Jenni: Sushi, specifically spicy tuna maki!

Sandra: Double-baked potatoes. Bake you tater without foil. Scoop out the inside, add butter and sour cream and fake bacon bits and cheese, if you like. Get it mashed together and put back in the skin. You can then bake it off for snacks or freeze for later. We make 8-10 big potatoes at a time and freeze for the days you just can organize more than reheat.

Joanne: I’m Italian; comfort food is definitely pasta. Any kind of homemade pasta. For a really difficult day when sweetness is required, affogato is my go to, easy to make and comforting with autumn soon here. Here’s the basic recipe for Affogato:
Place 2 small scoops of quality vanilla ice cream (you can replace vanilla flavor by coffee or chocolate ice cream) in a coffee cup, then pour in a shot of espresso or 3 tablespoons strong brewed coffee. Top with shaved dark chocolate and chopped hazelnuts.

Jennifer: My comfort foods tend to fall into the soup/bowl food category. Miso Soup (South River Miso makes soy-free miso which is perfect for me), and Arroz Caldo (a savory chicken and rice porridge with garlic and ginger) in particular since they both sit very well on an upset stomach (for me). As far as sweet things, honey is my comfort sweet whether it’s in tea or just a small spoon.

Kathy: Chicken rice or noodle soup. Preferably my mom’s!

Lynette: Mexican food. (Oh, me too! – Jenni)

Erin: This is really simple, but I love rye bread toast with [vegan] butter. It reminds me of my dad because that was his favorite kind of toast.