This time of year is the hardest seasonal transition for me. As the days grow darker and colder, I feel myself sinking into depression—and I have to work VERY hard to not let that take over. So I wondered this week: How are YOU coping with the changing seasons?

Kirsten said “complaining about my knees like an old lady! nah mostly I get the lovely scarves out and bundle up a lot. Also lots of curling under my heatmat in bed lol” (which made me want to research the full-bed heating mats I’ve heard great things about…)

Beannachd said “I usually get super psyched for Halloween. It is the best holiday season! But the thought of the cold and the pain has got me really down this year. I lost the entire month of August and half of September to a migraine (apparently generic Kroger brand Afrin and Flonase are NOT the brand name ingredients!!!) Took me a month and a half to figure it out. I’m still not 100%, so when the pain hit with the cold snap, I just wanted to cry. It’s been in the 70s and 80s here this week, though, so I’m laying out and baking the pain away while I can. It has helped me resign myself to sweaters and socks at night. So I am trying to get into the spirit of my favorite season – Halloween lights are up, and we may leave them up til spring! Spiderwebs and spooky things and watching Hocus Pocus and Nightmare Before Christmas – I totally want to be Sally! Mostly trying to enjoy what I can, and I’ll deal with the rest as it comes.” (which made me go pull out my halloween pumpkin, fill it with candy for the neighbors, and sneak a piece or two for myself…)

Kyrie-Inn said “So much different in FL than it was in CT. Less adjustment. Miss my foliage though.” (which made me remember to appreciate the changing colors of all the trees around me here in Chicago…)

Mary said “Here in Vegas the seasons don’t really change…” (which brought back fond memories of work trips there in January and February years ago, which offered me some respite from the snow and frosty temps here…)

Delores said “I change the color of my blanket on the couch.” (which sounds like a dandy idea, so I went and swapped out the quilt on our living room couch…)

And Laura simply said “Badly.” (which reminded me of how tough it is to cope, sometimes…)

I hope this handful of interesting and fun ideas—and frank conversation about the realities we ChronicBabes face—is helpful to you. Feel free to continue to add your comments at the Facebook post or in the comments here!


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