The ChronicBabe book—ChronicBabe 101: How to Craft an Incredible Life Beyond Illness—is on sale today!

After a few years of work, I’m thrilled to offer the first-ever ChronicBabe book! Head to right now to buy a print copy or ebook, and grab all kinds of bonus materials, including:

  • A discussion guide for book clubs
  • A fun habit checklist
  • A special bonus PDF about making friends with illness
  • Full audio of all the “pep squad” expert interviews in the book
  • 10 fun life lesson videos
  • Swag like buttons, stickers, and wristbands
  • …and more

chronicbabe book

The ChronicBabe book is packed with resources for you

I organized the book into 10 “lessons” that focus on some key areas for women with chronic illness:

  • It all starts with learning to practice acceptance (Lesson 1)
  • Learn to kick those bad habits to the curb (Lesson 2)
  • It’s time to turn around negative thinking (Lesson 3)
  • Establish healthy boundaries to create confidence (Lesson 4)
  • Learn to love your body again (Lesson 5)
  • Build your “team” to maximize support (Lesson 6)
  • Strengthen personal relationships to weave a safety net (Lesson 7)
  • Adapt your education and career to boost success (Lesson 8)
  • Become a talented communicator (Lesson 9)
  • Get organized: Tips, tricks, tools, and systems (Lesson 10)

Within each lesson are interviews with guest experts, who bring their personal voices to our conversations about life with chronic illness. They include two psychologists, one doctor, a pharmacist, a career coach for people with chronic illness, three ChronicBabes with successful businesses, an executive coach, and a sexuality expert.

In addition, I included interviews with a dozen caregivers, who provide perspective on how it feels to love someone who has chronic pain or chronic illness. These perspectives may be tough to read at times, but they help us understand what they go through. This helps us to become better partners, spouses, daughters, mothers, and friends to the people who care for us the most.

Other goodies included in the ChronicBabe book:

In addition, I included homework assignments in each lesson (don’t freak out—I’m not grading you!). They offer guidance and additional resources. I’ve also included some fun “pop quizzes” throughout, designed to encourage you to think differently, explore alternative approaches, and make you laugh.

And in the back of the book, an “extra credit” section offers more than 350 website that I think are amazing resources.

Most of all, I want you to know that the book is written from me to you—in my voice as a ChronicBabe. This is because I think we’ve already more than enough dry books about our individual chronic conditions. Don’t get me wrong, those have their place. But in comparison to what you’re used to reading, this book offers a fresh voice to help you feel supported throughout your journey.

Want to learn more about how I developed this work?

If you’re here and you’re not already familiar with ChronicBabe, check out my about page to learn more about my background with chronic illness.

Here’s the launch video: