do you miss feeling connected?

sometimes i do, too. and when i do, i try to make an extra effort to reach out to people and say hello.

one way i do that is by sending snail mail. it’s such a simple thing to do – write a short little note, throw in some confetti, seal it with a kiss, and toss it in the mailbox. and i LOVE getting snail mail – it’s like a little present! so i decided this week that i would help y’all become better pen pals.

today, i’m announcing today the release of ChronicBabe Pen Pal Kits! i am raiding my stationery collection and creating fun little packages from my stash.

each kit contains: 

  • at least 3 note cards. these might be blank, or might have fun phrases or illustrations, like “thank you” or “you’re awesome”
  • 3 Forever Stamps, to make sure you send your snail mail. these are good for mailing within the U.S. FOREVER, but don’t wait!
  • at least one roll of washi tape, to use to decorate your envelopes
  • at least 20 stickers from my massive sticker collection from all over the world
  • two ChronicBabe stickers
  • two You Are Beautiful stickers
  • extra decorative paper and other goodies I find as I raid my drawers

the kits are for sale in my Etsy shop, and will be available until i run out of goodies. so these won’t last forever! 

international kits available

for those who live outside the U.S., i offer kits that don’t include stamps, for a slightly lower price. you’ll have to get your own postage.

and next week, i’ll tell you about another component of this pen pal project:

a pen pal membership component, which will make us pen pals. that’s right…you and me. pen pals. writing to each other. doesn’t that sound fun?! i’m working on the details now, and will announce next week how you can get involved. here i am, dreaming about all the snail mail i’ll get to send and receive: