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Posted by on Jun 18, 2019 in activism, announcements, ChronicBabe Academy, Secret Club |

everything i’ve created in ChronicBabe is for you. i started this project 15 years ago, aiming to make the resources i needed when *i* was first diagnosed at the age of 25… and it has morphed over the years into a big media project!  one way i keep my work afloat (it does NOT pay much to be a patient advocate, lemme tell you) is by running a paid membership program. i know not all of my audience can afford it, but the money i make through that program allows me to create ALL the other content i offer, from the blog to youtube to facebook to my book to speaking at conferences to legislative advocacy to… all of it! 5-minute survey about chronicbabe membership programs from Jenni Grover on Vimeo. I could use your help! Here’s the survey link so i need to keep my work FRESH so you love it, and so i stay invigorated.  to be honest, i’ve felt a little burned out lately. this work is emotionally heavy at times, and it’s been a heck of a year here at ChronicBabe HQ! and while i know that you are craving more, i feel a little creatively challenged right now. so i’m asking you to spare me 5 minutes of time and take my survey. you’ll get to weigh in on what you think would make an amazing membership program, and be honest with me about what doesn’t work for you. and everyone who responds will get a discount code to use in my etsy shop! if you’d like to help (and again, i REALLY appreciate your help!), please head here to take the...

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Hooray! The new ChronicBabe Academy Membership program is here!

Posted by on Oct 2, 2018 in announcements, ChronicBabe Academy, membership, Secret Club | 1 comment

Babes, I am SO excited to share that the new ChronicBabe membership program is here: the ChronicBabe Academy! This membership program replaces the Secret Club membership program. While I loved the old way, I am now able to offer a new approach that has SO MANY MORE bells and whistles. Head to this page to learn all about it. So exciting! And: A bit scary. Anytime I launch a new offering, it’s a little stressful. So be kind—and patient—as launch day progresses. Thank you! xoxo,...

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AWAP Wednesday: How to Avoid Overwhelm When Making Changes

Posted by on Jan 14, 2015 in coping, fears, featured, practicalities, resilience, Secret Club | 21 comments

Today’s AWAP Wednesday* question comes from one of our Secret Club members. This month, we’ve been focusing on the idea of CHANGE… how difficult it is, how we resist it, how we can learn to embrace it, etc. This babe is feeling really challenged: “So I’ve been good about changing up a few things the first week of January, then this week I went back to doing the things I always did before I tried to change them. Well, I’m feeling defeated… I was inspired to try to change things up and to keep working towards bigger change. I was wiped out from one week of mini changes, how to keep our change whether big or small going in spite of running out of gas?” This is a common experience, whether you have illness or not. I’ve got three tips to get her (and us!) back on track and avoid overwhelm: Now it’s your turn: Do you get overwhelmed by change? You’re not alone! Join the conversation in the comments below, and share your experience. Want to watch more videos like this? Check out our AWAP Wednesday video playlist, which has almost six hours of guidance, advice, and bloopers. Is there a question I can answer for YOU? Add it to the comments below, or shoot me an email. Until we meet again: Be AWAP! Smooches! *AWAP = As Well As Possible Rough Transcript: I’ve been challenging our Secret Club members to step it up this month and adapt some changes. I encouraged them to start small – so as not to get overwhelmed. But listen to what one member has to say: “So I’ve been good about changing up a few things the first week of January, then this week I went back to doing the things I always did before I tried to change them. Well, I’m feeling defeated… I was inspired to try to change things up and to keep working towards bigger change. I was wiped out from one week of mini changes, how to keep our change whether big or small going in spite of running out of gas?” Change is hard! It takes a lot of mental energy, and sometimes physical energy, and definitely emotional energy. So I always encourage folks to start small. Start where you are Tennis great Arthur Ashe said, “Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.” This is a philosophy I’ve adopted for making changes; if we get too caught up in where we’re going, it can be hard to stay motivated about where we are right now. One way to reinforce the “start where you are” idea is to do a little reality check. Write out a goal for...

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Why Did I Create the Secret Club? Why is it So Important?

Posted by on Oct 23, 2014 in announcements, ChronicBabe Basics, coping, featured, Secret Club | 2 comments

For more than nine years, I’ve run this project from the heart. I launched my first website in May 2005, after months of planning and years of wishing for a resource that fit my needs. No one else was talking frankly (or irreverently) about what life with chronic illness is like, especially for younger women—and I finally decided to create the resource I had always wished for. The Internet got bigger, so I got bigger It didn’t take long for the project to grow much larger than I anticipated, and soon we were revamping the site, creating a newsletter, launching a forum and more. The advent of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest meant I needed to add the ChronicBabe presence to those platforms—where so many of you spend time every day. But something was missing. You write me the most painful emails and tell me your most personal stories. Dozens a day, sometimes. And some of you write to me over and over, and say howdy often, and ask me how you can get more support. And while I love all this work, I wanted to do something more personal. I feel a deep connection with so many of you and I believe my life’s work is to teach other people how to persevere in the face of illness. The Secret Club was born Over a weekend, I banged out the idea for the Secret Club. Once I understood my mission (to provide more opportunities for you to learn and grow, to go deeper into challenging issues, and to empower you to craft a more fulfilling life) the rest was easy. On top of weekly emails with personal stories, resources and pretty pictures, I added a monthly teleseminar, a big PDF chock full of exercises and stories, a super-private Facebook group, and some fun snail mail. BOOM. Instant rock-solid community of kick-ass babes, helping each other. My dream come true! The opportunity to work closely with you is amazing. I hear your stories, I can answer your questions directly, and I get to watch as you make friends with other women like you. I love how women in their 20s are helping women in their 60s, and vice versa. And I love how I learn so much from YOU—talk about a bonus! Plus: Mama’s gotta eat. Here’s the thing: Since its inception, ChronicBabe has been a labor of love. I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars (think of how many more shoes I could have had!) hiring graphic designers, web designer/developers, interns, assistants, videographers, photographers and more to create hundreds and hundreds of resources. I’ve poured hundreds of hours of my life into the project. And I’ve done...

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