Last week, some folks decided to jump into a ChronicBabe Facebook conversation and be disrespectful to others. It sucked.

The conversation was originally about a handful of stories about chronic illness and how relatable they are. Then one person declared that one of the women profiled was using an incorrect diagnosis, and that it was “pseudoscience.” I stepped in to stop the thread, asking folks to back off and be respectful. They didn’t; in fact, they stepped up their efforts. It was very upsetting for many people, and I eventually deleted the whole post to shut down the conversation.

shut it down

I hated doing this! The ChronicBabe community is built on a solid foundation of mutual respect and support, so it’s awful when some folks can’t see that. I understand that they were well-meaning, but no matter their intentions, they were being rude and disrespectful.

So today’s video is a handful of thoughts I have about this event, and a reassurance that I will always protect ChronicBabe and keep it positively awesome. Even if the tone of the nation’s conversation about chronic pain and illness is trending negative, we don’t have to follow suit.

I’m so eager to hear what you think! Watch today’s video, and then chime in below.

*AWAP = As Well As Possible

Now it’s your turn:

Have you faced bullying or negative feedback online? How did you react? Were you able to steer the conversation toward a more productive outcome? I would love to know! Share your experience in the comments below.

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