Your Aunt Sally wants to help you find a “real” doctor who will “cure” your rheumatoid arthritis. Your friend Reggie seems to think a vegan gluten-free paleo diet is just what you need to feel better, and he’s pretty insistent. Your co-worker Pam keeps bringing up your anxiety during staff meetings because she believes that talk therapy helps…and she seems to consider herself your therapist.

Sound familiar? I bet it does! In fact, I would bet you money there’s not a single one of us ChronicBabes who hasn’t been insulted by someone with well-meaning intention who gives crap advice. So, what to do when faced with unwanted, unsolicited advice?

Check out today’s video, in which I describe a pretty simple conversational model for handling conversations with folks who give unsolicited advice:

Now it’s your turn:

How have you handled conversations about “cures” and “salves” and “crazy unsolicited advice?” What works for you, and what has flopped? If you care to, share your story in the comments below this video’s post. We have AWESOME conversations every day at the site and I would LOVE for you to be part of the community! Did you like this video? Please “like” it on YouTube or Facebook and share it with your friends through social media. Want to watch more videos like this? Check out our AWAP Wednesday video playlist, which has more than four hours of guidance, advice, and bloopers.

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