A letter from Jenni, to you:

In the 15 years I have worked on the ChronicBabe project, I’ve experienced many joys. ​I’ve made friends, and shared my very personal chronic illness experience with countless people. I’ve watched many of you learn and grow and become the kick-a$s babes I knew you could be.

As part of my project, the membership group…first called the Secret Club, later the ChronicBabe Academy… has been one of my biggest achievements. That’s because so many of you have told me how much it has changed your lives. You’ve sent me letters that brought me to tears; you’ve written about how much stronger you feel because of our membership group. And wow, we have had a TON of fun, especially during the live Q&A calls and Facebook Live sessions. Through the membership program, I have personally served more than 400 people. Wow! That is so many of you! It’s overwhelming to see it in print.

So it’s not easy to take this next step. I’m shutting down the ChronicBabe Academy, as of August 12, 2019.

Why shut it down? Why now?

When I started ChronicBabe, social media didn’t even exist. There was only a handful of other bloggers writing about women and chronic illness, and there weren’t any online coaches helping our community. Today, it’s a completely different world, packed with resources. I’ve done the work; I’ve met the need as best I can.

I’m excited to move on to a new project, which will focus on creativity and resilience — two things I’ve already been teaching through ChronicBabe. Later in 2019, I’ll tell you more… I don’t know exactly what shape the work will take, and I’m enjoying figuring it out. It’s a time of growth and change and creativity here at ChronicBabe HQ! I’ll be sharing lots of updates on my ChronicBabe Insta, as well as my personal account, and through my newsletter — so make sure to sign up so you don’t miss a thing.

Whatever shape this next phase of my work takes, I KNOW in my heart that you’ll want to be part of it. Why? Because if you’re here, then you’ve already done loads of work to become a strong and resilient person in the face of adversity. My new work is a natural extension of ChronicBabe, a focus on thriving in the face of life’s challenges — with a focus on creative energy. It’s so juicy and exciting! And a bit scary, for sure.

Thank you, babe, for being part of my work. I’m so thankful for your support, and your belief in me. This isn’t goodbye… it’s see you soon. 

XOXO, Jenni