Howdy! Today is AWAP Wednesday, and with Thanksgiving landing on top of us (in the U.S., anyway) TOMORROW, I wanted to offer you a bunch of resources on coping with the holidays. So instead of a video this week, below are a bunch of lovely resources from around the Interwebs.

Why did I call this a community collection?

I’ll be adding to this list periodically through the end of the year, so if you find a resource I should add, please mention it in the comments. We can create better resources as a community.

Some light reading to get you started:

Kim at Grace is Sufficient (Finding Hope and Purpose After Diagnosis) has created a lovely round-up (including moi) of chronic illness experts and bloggers, who share their favorite survival holiday tips.

Thirsty? And here’s how to make Nutella hot chocolate.

My pal Jeri just posted a piece on surviving the holidays when you have MS (this advice TOTALLY applies to many other illnesses, too!).

Practical practical practical tips abound in this WebMD piece on holiday stress and chronic illness.

Don’t pass up my 25 ways to manage holiday stress.

This article on how to talk with loved ones about chronic illness during the holidays is still relevant a year later..

Here is some info on holiday stress and depression.
…and then here are six tips for finding joy in the holiday season.

Ali at A New Kind of Normal has some great practical tips for us when it comes to surviving the holiday season.

And as holiday gifts come rolling in, don’t forget these 24 ways to say thank you.

So how about you, babe?

How do you make the holiday season merry and bright, even if you’re a total sicko? I would LOVE to hear your ideas so jump into the comments below and share your story.